Cardiff Chemicals Innovation at the
Speed of Life

It is one of the leading high quality pheromone chemical synthesis company from UK. In a short span of time it has emerged as a destination for high quality Pheromones Solutions, Bulk Semiochemical Synthesis, Pheromone Intermediates and contracting research and manufacturing center difficult to synthesize speciality chemicals for agricultural use.

About Us

Cardiff chemicals, established in 1989, is committed to providing high quality rare organic molecules, biochemicals and natural products. We baegan in the process developments and manufacture of Insect Pheromones for trap manufacturing. During the last 25 years we have been developing methods for the development of intermediates, pheromones and others difficult to produce compound as well as many natural products.

What We Are

  • An experienced team of synthetic as well as natural product scientists
  • Highly experienced in beta lactam chemistry i.e Penicillins and Cephalosporins
  • Successfully transfered technology for isolation of 10% azadirachtin from Neem Seeds
  • Neem Biotech was formed to take forward the research work of its technical director, Dr Chandra Pant, into the use of azadirachtin (The Western Mail, Cardiff, 14 August 2002). Patented technologies on allicin from garlic and 85% azadirachtin from Neem Seeds were developed under Neem Biotech.
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